OSCE training

NMC Test of Competence

Part 1 CBT -provides online real time mock test which enables the candidate to achieve in their actual test.

OSCE training

Face to face coaching program for the every stations where all the procedures will be executed in an NMC standards with individual attention for the candidates.


Selecting highly trained and qualified nurses to work in different countries.

OSCE (Objective Structured Clinical Examination) for UK

This is the first step to enter into UK for overseas nurses after IELTS/OET and CBT. This examination conducted by NMC through University of Northampton, Brookes University and Ulster University. This practical exam has six stations. MedsBright provides detailed information, guidance and practice for the candidates to achieve their dream to work as registered nurse in UK.

Our specialization(Only for registered candidates)
• Details about different scenarios in APIE
• Online video for skill stations, describes do's and don't do's in each station
• Correction and feedback of care plan and evaluation
• Online chat support available
• Sample care plan and evaluation available online
• Tips and tricks for high pass rate

Course Structure

  • filter_1Day 1
    • What is expected in OSCE
    • Explanation of each station in detail
    • How to understand the OSCE results

    The first four station of OSCE is called as APIE, stands for Assessment, Planning, Implantation and Evaluation. Various scenarios come under the APIE stations which will be detailed in the training program.
    Assessment: Series of organized steps designed for nurses to provide excellent and suitable care for the patients.
    Planning: it is the direction for individualized care for a patient by a nurse.
    Implementation: Medication under NMC standards.
    Evaluation: Final documentation to transfer patien
  • filter_2Day 2
    Skill Stations (Based on Royal Marsden)

    ANTTWound Dressing
    ANTTCommunity Prescription

    ABLS - Adult Basics Life Support
    • MedsBright provide individual attention and practice under the guidance providing NMC standard with high supervision.
    • MedsBright provides sample materials for the registered candidates.
  • filter_3Day 3
    Mock test under OSCE real time condition
    Question and Answer section
    [Online Recourse (video + documents + chat)]

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